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Free Food Allergy Printable Signs and Labels

There's nothing better than free and while I have the imagination and skill to create my own food allergy signs, I just don't have the time. Here are a list of links for websites where you can access free food allergy printable signs.

Kids Can Have Fun

The site includes a huge list of food allergy labels for holidays, luggage, lunch tables and hanging signs. I tested out some of the signs on a black and white printer and they turned out amazingly well.

Paper and Pigtails

If you are looking for something a bit more creative, Paper and Pigtails has the perfect set of free food allergy printables. The printables include stickers and cards, but no signs are included in the download. You download the entire creative package with one click. The link to the free food allergy printables is on MediaFire and the package is downloaded as a zip file so you have to extract the package to your desktop before using the individual files. These stickers are red (for NOT SAFE) and green (for SAFE) so you'll need a color printer. I tried printing the stickers with just black ink and they turned out okay, but the kids colored the circles to make them more effective.

Gluten Free Tool Box

This free food allergy printable is a chart for kids with dairy allergies. There is not much to the chart other than a chart where you can record morning foods and morning symptoms, afternoon foods and afternoon symptoms and evening foods and evening symptoms. Printed perfectly on a black and white printer.

Kids With Food Allergies

This is one of my favorite sites. Kids With Food Allergies offers links to printable signs for peanut and tree nut allergies. Not only are they effective, but they are cute. I printed off a couple of the signs on a black and white printer with good results. You may have to adjust the color density so the pictures look like peanuts though, but that could just be my printer.

Another great printable from Kids With Food Allergies are the food allergy guides. Included on the page is a babysitter/child care guide, brochures and a quick guide to food allergy management.

Have fun with these and make sure to leave links to pages like them in the comments section.  


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