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Delta Airlines and Food Allergies

Photo Credit: Delta Airlines

Are there any special accommodations available to travelers with severe peanut or tree nut allergies?


"Thank you for your e-mail to Delta Air Lines inquiring about peanut onboard.

I understand your concerns regarding our policy to assist passengers who suffer from peanut allergies. We sympathize and welcome you onboard with the understanding that public transportation poses an inherent risk to passengers with allergies.

To clarify, when you notify us that you have a peanut allergy, we will create a buffer zone of three rows in front of and three rows behind your seat. We will also advise cabin service to board additional non-peanut snacks, which will allow our flight attendants to serve these snack items to everyone within this area.

Gate agents will be notified in case you would like to pre-board and cleanse the immediate seating area. We also recommend an early morning flight since passengers are less likely to request peanuts as a snack. We will do everything we can, but unfortunately we still can't guarantee that the flight will be completely peanut-free.

You can review this information at by selecting the following links from the home page:

  • Planning Tools
  • Special Travel Needs
  • Services for Travelers with Disabilities
  • Special Concerns
  • Peanut Allergies (from the drop-down menu)

I appreciate your selection of Delta and will always welcome the opportunity to be of service."

Link to Food Allergy Policy on Delta Airlines Website:

Special Note: The food allergy policy for peanut allergies published on the Delta Airlines website claims no peanuts will be served on the flight. That is not the message we received from the customer service department. 


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