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Free Epi-Pen Bag from Epi-Pen

Visit to register for your free Epi-Pen bag. 
I'm always looking for a better Epi-Pen bag that won't break the bank. When I first found out about my son's food allergies I was given this cool starter kit that included a free Epi-Pen bag and belt. That bag is THE BOMB - but it is getting old and ragged. Epi-Pen now offers a free bag to everyone who registers their Epi-Pen on the site - which is cool, but the bag does not come with a belt and there are no straps inside to hold the Epi-Pens in place like the old bag.

As you can see, the free Epi-Pen bag comes with a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) card. The card is hard and sturdy. You will need a fine point permanent marker to fill in the information. The card is handy for traveling, but you may want to review TSA rules and regulations before trying to jump on a plane with just your free Epi-Pen bag and this card. I vaguely remember having a letter from our pediatrician the last time we flew.

The bag is large enough to hold two Epi-Pen Jr. or two Epi-Pen adult injectors. There is also enough extra space to fit an inhaler and antibacterial wipes, but not much else. The clip on the bag is hard to use, making it difficult to snap the bag onto your child's belt loop or backpack - so this bag is not for everyday use, but it is ideal for mom to carry extra Epi-Pens in her purse emergency bag. 

What if You Have More Than One Child with Food Allergies?

I have two children who carry Epi-Pens. My son for FA and my daughter (his twin) who is allergic to cats. We registered each child separately and received TWO free Epi-Pen bags from Epi-Pen. 

Not the Best - But FREE

While I am not sold on using this free Epi-Pen bag for school or as the go-to Epi-Pen bag, I love FREE and I love the fact that Epi-Pen is willing to send a free bag to everyone who registers. Free is good and we've found that having this extra bag around helps our FA son remember to carry his go-to bag every time he leaves the house. 


  1. Gratefulfoodie9/12/2012 10:13 AM

    Thanks for sharing! I saw this bag online but wasn't sure about it, now I know to go register my kid's Epi Pens to receive my bag. Have you visited yet? They are having a sale and my son is using their belt right now on a school camping trip:

    Fabulous blog! Love your viewpoints! Keep up the great work.

  2. TuffBaggs8/15/2013 9:58 PM

    please check out my epi pen / epipen cases at

    I personally have had to carry epi pens for 25 + years and one of my son's has had to carry them for 18 years.


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