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Red Robin Food Allergy Policy

Check out what Red Robin says about food allergies.

Delta Airlines Food Allergy Policy

Delta Airlines said WHAT about food allergies?

Free Epi-Pen Bag from Epi-Pen

Request your free bag today.

Teen Saved by School Employee with Stock Epi-Pen

A teen goes into an anaphylactic reaction with NO Epi-Pen in sight - but a school employee saves his life.

Krispy Kreme Food Allergy Policy

Krispy Kreme tries to make their donuts safe, but trying is not enough in this case.


Virgin Airlines and Peanut Allergies

Photo Credit: Virgin Airlines


United Airlines and Peanut Allergies

Photo Credit: United Airlines


2 Fantastic Food Allergy Resources

Sometimes as parents of children with food allergies we need help - well...maybe a lot of times, but it can be hard to differentiate the good food allergy help from the bunk. Here are two of my favorite resources for researched, honest and helpful information for parents of children with food allergies.

FARE: FARE or Food Allergy Research and Education, located at, is the perfect place to learn the newest scientific information on food allergies, but the website offers so much more than that. You can find amazing resources for parents of children with food allergies at

Kids With Food Allergies: The Kids With Food Allergies website at provides a one-stop shop, of sorts, for parents who need help, both informative and personal. The community of food allergy parents who are active on the site are amazing. Find resources for parents of kids with food allergies at

Do you have a few favorite resources you use regularly? Leave your resources in the comments section so other parents know where to go for information on food allergies they can trust.


Been a Long Time - Life Gets in the Way

Being a parent is hard and being a parent of a FA child, three other children, a small business owner and some more stuff is even harder. I love my life, my children, my business, my family and everything else - including avocados and coffee drinks, but I also love blogging. I need to find more time to blog, but until then a quick look into some of the blog posts I have planned for the future based on the life and times of the mom behind Mutter Nutter.

2nd Anaphylaxis - Yep, we have #2 ladies and gentlemen. This time around it happened on the bus - details to come.

Class Projects with Food - Apparently touching food allergens is okay, even though eating the same food could cause death. I'll touch on this problem more in the near future.

The Auvi-Q - My thoughts to come on this cool device now that I have 6 of them in my home.

There you have it readers. I greatly appreciate all of the page views and reads these older posts have gotten. I promise to get back on the horse and post more soon.

Okay, maybe not a real horse cause these things are huge and scary. 

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About Mutter Nutter

Summer Banks, the author and FA mom responsible for Mutter Nutter, is a professional writer and amateur author. She learned of her son's peanut and tree nut allergies when he was just three years old. Everything you read on this blog is from personal experience. Mutter Nutter is not here to scare you - just to educate you about things that may be different than they seem.

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